Tiffanie Delune - Metamorphosis

Someth1ng Gallery is pleased to present the first UK solo show from French Belgo-Congolese artist Tiffanie Delune.  Delune’s rich ancestry has formulated an individual style that resonates with us on many contradictory levels.

Exuberant playfulness and movement, the works have a vitality drawn from African textiles and colour. This is choreographed through Parisian style and controlled with Belgium architectural lines and order, holding the pieces together.

Tiffanie Delune visually answers the question as to why diversity of experience and culture is so important and rewarding.

” Presenting Metamorphosis, a solo show about the process of transformation from a stolen innocence to the liberating stages of womanhood.
How much a character is defined by its heritage before being shaped in its own form? While going through supernatural body changes,
how is the belief system being determined and when does it blossom into its own light? “

– Tiffanie Delune

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