It's A Tough Job But Someone Has To Do It by Katie Della-Valle


Two imposing canvases, evoking both banality and brutality. Repetition, banality, monotonous uniformity, flanked by a flagging, demonic aggression.

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Oil on canvas
121.92cm x 152.40cm x 2

Two imposing canvases from Katie Della Valle, that can be hung separately or side by side. Repetition, banality, monotonous uniformity, lack of identity, flanked by a flagging, demonic aggression. All aspects deftly expressed in this ambitious, rich work that pulls the eyes around in contemplation through the clever use of light and line. Rich browns seep through the whites, blacks and greys, giving a sense of warmth and nostalgic tradition. A contemporary work, boldly executed, with the depth of of an original sepia photograph from the past.