re:union Dresden_01/09 by David King - Limited Edition


Exploring the absurdity of human violence and the shortness of human memory.

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86cm x 120cm Framed

Archival pigment limited print edition of 50

The first image from the re:union Dresden series, David King's exceptional body of work based on a series of bombardier's mission photographs from the final bombing run over Dresden on the 17th April 1945.

This series brings to light unseen aerial photographs of this catastrophic event, from the view of those instructed to carry out the devastation. The images have been dramatically enlarged and hand tinted transforming them from military recordings into human experience.

"I was also seized by the thought that many people today have no historical or cultural anchor to the insane violence which ravaged Europe in the 1930s and ‘40s and which sprang from political upheaval" David King