Black President - A Portrait Of Fela Kuti by Adébayo Bolaji 2018

The Nigerian musical icon who is a constant source of inspiration for Bolaji.

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124cm x 154cm Mixed media /collage on cotton

A second larger portrait the Nigerian musical icon who himself underwent a fundamental process of change in his own beliefs of African ideology and philosophy against that which had been enforced (as he would say) by British colonialism.

Bolaji’s subject matters seem to exhibit this idea of continual change, that we are always under this process and so in a sense, there is also a sense of positive reinforcement about such concepts as pain, confusion, … though a painting may deal with these things, they never endthere, but leave the viewer with a sense of hope … that the narrative continues with them.

An original painting by London's most exciting contemporary artist, part of his solo show Transitions: Change. Movement. Dialogue. by Adébayo Bolaji