Wendy Elia

Wendy Elia is a highly successful painter, a finalist in the National Portrait Gallery London BP portrait award no less than 4 times, she has won many awards and commissions and has been widely exhibited and collected.

Utilising a classical style and often subject matter to comment on contemporary society and the cyclical nature of historical and political events and themes. The familiarity of iconic images acknowledged simply and readily by the viewer, through Elia’s seemingly effortless skill at reproducing sections of complex classical oil paintings, portraits and film stills, trick us into the reassurance of recognition as we depict the subjects. However, Wendy Elia has a lot more to say than simply paying homage. Often unapologetically unsettling, yet disturbingly beautifully executed, her works become scenes that completely engross us in often complex or uncomfortable narratives.  By appropriating politically and emotionally charged images from classical art history and placing them into a contemporary art context, Elia creates a brand new dialogue commenting on our times and highlighting that the long passage of time only serves to prove the fallacy of progress.

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