Tiffanie Delune

Emotional style.

Tiffanie Delune’s mixed media paintings are refreshingly authentic and unique. Drawing on her cultural heritage and experiences, Delune’s canvases continuously flow. A French artist with Belgo-Congolese ancestry explains a lot about how Delune has come to develop such an individual style that resonates with us on many contradictory levels.

Exuberant playfulness and movement, the works have a vitality drawn from African textiles and colour. This is choreographed through Parisian style and controlled with Belgium architectural lines and order, holding the pieces together.

Inspired by Matisse’s cutouts with final images that somehow speak more to Henri Rousseau, Delune also throws in stylised lines and patterns like a chilled out Bridget Riley. Her work is primitive and fashionable at the same time; naive yet intensely thought out and executed.

Duality marks every one of Delune’s works which makes them a complete pleasure to be around. Fear and courage, layering and flatness, bright but sometimes feeling very dark, Delune harnesses her deepest inner emotions and often turbulent memories, controlling and expressing them through colour, shape and line.

Tiffanie Delune visually answers the question as to why diversity of experience and culture is so important and rewarding, and with the present hostile political climate saturating everything, her work is gloriously reassuring.

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