Sophie Dickens

Sophie Dickens is a contemporary British sculptor with an international reputation. Her large scale works have adorned cathedrals and enlivened skylines from London to LA.

Classically trained in the drawing and construction¬†of anatomy as well as a graduate of the prestigious Courtauld Institute London, Sophie Dickens’ in depth knowledge of form allows her to reduce and abstract to create works that that move in all senses of the word. Whether a quick sketch or monumental sculpture, her work is full of dynamism.

Dickens’ instantly recognisable style comes from her technique of building figures from abstract geometric shapes of carved wood and attaching them to a welded iron skeleton. Sophie creates monumental sculptures full of passion and life, where the inner workings of the body and mind have burst through the skin and now form the outer shell.

Sophie Dickens’ drawings and sculptures reflect a modern Primitivism often with elongated arms and legs creating creatures full of strength and movement. In complete contrast to say the iconic forms of Giacometti, whose fragile forms appear solemn and almost made of ash, Sophie’s work is bold and Amazonian, as if her creatures have uprooted themselves from fertile grounds. Her work often contains themes of tragedy but there is a strong sense of fight and survival. Sophie Dickens’ figures are not the hopeless loners of Anthony Gormley, they are not fixed and trapped, impotent and rooted in despair, Dickens’ figures can change and evolve in front of your eyes.

Sophie’s subjects mostly revolve around nature, mythology, the elements and humanity. He forms full of poetry with lyrical shapes and emotive poses. She has inherited the family ability to evoke the senses, as her Great Grandfather Charles Dickens was so apt at doing, however Sophie Dickens manages to speak volumes with out needing any words.

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