Hasan Abdalla

Hasan Abdalla Someth1ng Gallery
Internationally exhibited across Syria, Sweden, Turkey and London, Hasan Abdalla”s work is visually, culturally and historically unique.
Full of contrast, movement and texture, Hasan Abdalla’s large scale canvases are full of memories and reflections. Lyrical and often dream like, his abstract works combine women and landscapes with passion and a quiet sense of yearning.
Seeped with emotion and love, his earlier works from Syria are often lighter in palette and faster in execution with his most recent works layering the bright and the dark and playing with focus and perspective.
The debate of what is art and what makes and artist is an old one.  The answer is an unflinching need to create for no rational reason.  Hasan’s unwavering dedication to painting and finding beauty, despite the unimaginable experiences of his life, will cement him as a true artist of our time.

Source – BBC News – From Syria torture to UK art success

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