Fran Giffard

Ornithological obsession meets impeccable execution.

Fran Giffard’s devoted observation, combined with her masterful technique brings us hugely uplifting works full of colour and character. Often feathers are reduced to flat plains of colour, reminiscent of old Japanese silk paintings, and then combined with meticulous decorative detail. Fran’s style is completely unique, whether graphite drawing or painting, yet is so accomplished at capturing the very essence of her subjects that the images radiate a serene sense of perfection and familiarity.

Tranquility and escapism are often dotted with reality and humour from her real Moleskine diary entires, a life becomes a sketchbook which then become small time-capsules once mounted and framed.

Fran’s work is very interesting coming from a young British contemporary artist and her dedication and accomplishment is impressive. Her works are a clever progression away from the art world’s recent obsession with taxidermy and her visions of bustling multinational birdcages give us every reason to sing.

Due to the fast selling nature of these works, the gallery may have stock that does not make it onto the website, so do contact us to check for the latest works.

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