Emma Coop

Over the last five years Emma Coop has transitioned from a predominately minimal conceptual artist, to a painstaking graphite artist who creates hypnotically accurate drawings of the sea. Due to an urgent emotional and physical need for escapism and respite, Coop learnt to sail in Rotherhithe, and from this became obsessed with the transformative and hypnotic power of the sea and sky.

Finding that transcendent mediative therapy from staring at the moving surfaces, Coop unleashed a need to recreate this feeling on paper when wrangling with complex dilemmas in her mind.  The works became abstract problem solving pieces with titles that link them to emotional personal, yet immediately universal and familiar, journeys.  The unfaltering diligence with which Coop continues to work on these pieces until they have reached that place of enlightenment for the viewer is exhilarating and the works are incredibly beautiful and fulfilling,

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