Daniel Cooke

Daniel Cooke Artist - The Invisible Within


Primarily self-taught, Daniel Cooke demonstrates that the art schools do not have the monopoly on discipline and aptitude. An acute awareness of lighting and perspective combined with subjects full of myth and profundity, Daniel’s works delight the viewer through finding beauty in the darkness. Mostly using himself and his sons as his subjects, Daniel creates solemn and often desperate characters whose fight to maintain strength penetrates into the soul of humanity.


Drawing from times gone by and lost traditions, his work is full of a sense of ritual, often presented through tortured portrayals of raw masculinity. Gaining confidence as his works are rapidly gaining the validation he so deserves, it is with great pleasure and anticipation that we await the discovery of each new piece. Highly self critical and notorious for destroying work, those he does let into the world, whether complex oils or simply chalk on black paper, always delight with their technical ability. Through meticulous exploration and regulation he combines styles to create a rich duality in his works that speak of rigid internal discipline as well as fragility and decay.

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