Brian McKenzie

The Platonic doctrine of recollection is a belief that we are born with a complete knowledge of perfect forms and as we expand our consciousness we are merely recollecting, as opposed to learning. The thinking goes that when we imagine, for example, animals, we recall an ideal image of that quintessential animal, be that a horse, porcupine or bat, without having had direct experience of studying these creatures. Plato called it the ideal horse, the image we conjure when we think of a horse is a perfect representation of the species. Brian Mackenzie’s work appears to prove this theory as his imagination can conjure up imagery of encyclopedic detail and transport it from his mind into our realm.

When vivid imagination unites with skill, exceptional works can be created. Brian draws, etches, models and casts, he works across various mediums using porcelain, ink, rubber and found objects to manifest his characters and visions. His work is highly creative, surreal, fascinating and glorious, entrenched with sense of nostalgia and recollection. They contain such a strong sense of being from the past that it is hard to accept that they have been born in our time. Timeless, rich and rare.

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