Graffiti wars to auction walls, Banksy has become the most globally recognisable contemporary artist of our time, despite no one really knowing who he is.

The intrigue and unpredictability surrounding this anti-establishment powerhouse, combined with the ingenious political and satirical images that he creates, have made Banksy’s works hugely anticipated events. His imagery will undoubtedly be used to define our times.

Ironically securing Street Art’s position in the Fine Art world, with the latter finally having to embrace a genre it tried to shun due to an inability to control or capitalise on it, Banksy’s works are now highly sought after by all the major auction houses.

But the beauty of Banksy is that you never know where he will appear next and he constantly strives to help out the underdog and keep his art accessible to all. From selling originals for $60 dollars on a stall in NYC to his latest homeware shop opened in Croydon.

Bansky’s anonymous celebrity gives us a refreshingly modest yet contrastingly bold and exhilarating artist, anti-capitalism yet thriving in a capitalist society, politically savvy and fully media aware, the zeitgeist of our generation.

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