Adebayo Bolaji

Bolaji is a self-taught artist and came to work with the medium of paint later on in his acting career. His work as a painter was originally influenced by the likes of Francis Bacon, Dubuffet and Jean-Michel Basquiat, working mainly with acrylic, oil and oil stick. In his own words:

“Painting for me, can very much be like improvisation or devising in the theatre. One puts an idea of a kind down and one responds (truthfully) to it … It’s a constant conversation a visual dialogue with the subject matter always at the centre, until one arrives at the image which arguably has always been there since, I am always asking myself what is necessary … Or responding honestly (as best as I can) to each part. Consequently, I arrive at the final image and know my part of the conversation is done, it’s now left for others to view it and have their own opinion/dialogue … Irrespective of mine.”

In 2016 Bolaji was chosen as Tangle’s commissioned artist for Yinka Shonibare’s MBE renowned Guest Projects Space,[13] in Hackney London, for emerging artists, subsequently Bolaji was selected to show his works at long standing contemporary gallery Galerie Proarta,[14] in Zürich Switzerland.

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