Adébayo Bolaji

Adébayo Bolaji (*1983) is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in London, England. His current show, “TRANSITIONS – Change. Movement. Dialogue”, is showing at someth1ng until March 24th, 2018.

Bolaji’s background of film and theatre, both in acting and screenplay-writing, compliments his exploration of newer media in the visual arts.

Bolaji believes that ideas choose the medium of execution. His painting method follows a marinating process for the pieces to
be completed, which is why Bolaji often steps away from the canvas while simultaneously working on multiple projects.

The subject of his paintings varies, from the seemingly aesthetic pictures to a direct commentary on the state of the human condition, focusing on the ironic and bizarre aspects of everyday life. The use of the same vibrant language is a constant element narrating a different story within each painting. Visually, the works have layers of bold colours and as the textures thickens the velocity builds up.

Bolaji’s use of colour has an unapologetic force upon the viewer. Colours are placed on top of each other, without being blended, as they come straight from the tube. The conscious choice of acrylic paint, which dries fast, preserves the energy and tempo of the piece.

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